The voice is unmistakable, flowing effortlessly between soft, sultry whispers and pure, unbridled power. And on her latest collection, Art of Love, Lori Nuic uses it masterfully to deliver massive hooks wrapped in an empowering message.

Incorporating the myriad of influence that has long defined this Torontonian as a unique voice in Canadian pop, Nuic weaves bits of soul, reggae, R&B, and rock into her universally accessible anthems. But while the melodies are grabbing and production punchy and polished, this isn’t the flash-in-the-pan pop currently flooding the mainstream; this is music with substance, gusto, and swagger.

Nuic has been successfully navigating the music industry for over a decade, amassing attention from critics, the public, and her peers alike. With humble beginnings coming up the ranks with high-profile accolades from the likes of Canadian Music Week, Flow 93.5, and Honey Jam, she’d go on to drop a pair of heralded albums, 2007’s Red Book Chronicles and 2012’s Flaws of Attraction to wide acclaim. Those led to performances alongside artists like Simply Red, Arrested Development, and Maceo Parker, tours of Europe, a massive festival slot in Dubai, and most recently, a performance in front of 20,000 people in South America. 

With Art of Love, Lori Nuic is now poised to reach the next plateau of her already impressive career. “I was really focused on strong melodies,” she shares about her approach to writing this time around, “but also songs that are more positive and progressive.”

The first single, “Dark Side of the Moon,” perfectly embodies that sonic identity, explosively rhythmic with an undeniably danceable beat and buoyant lyricism, all anchored by Nuic’s dynamic and charismatic vocals. “No Hell No” is equally as energetic, this time with a lush retro pop flavour and confident, anthemic chorus. Meanwhile, “Art of Love” showcases the more summery side of this vocal powerhouse.

Lyrically, Nuic combines a youthful wonder with an air of wisdom, a delving into the human experience and a range of emotion through the perspective of someone who savours it all. “It’s such a beautiful thing when someone can make a connection through music,” Nuic muses. “I love being able to share experiences and stories with people, and becoming a part of their lives.”

Nowhere is that connection more powerful than during her live shows, where Nuic’s voice and the music behind it are truly impressive. Whether onstage with a five-piece band or sitting on a stool with a six-string, her artistry is magnetic. “There’s something about the live experience,” she says. “It’s my favourite part of this whole thing. You can’t put it into words.”

With Art of Love, Lori Nuic has, without a doubt, created a soundtrack to a race well run, to special moments cherished, to victories big and small. This is pop music the way it’s supposed to be.